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11/6: Tim d'Albenas
Kingdom Thinking in a Chaotic World

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John 12
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Abba's Diamonds
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Case Supervision
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First Church of Christ
250 Main St, Wethersfield, CT
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Women's Bible Study
Experiencing the Spirit
Robert Heidler

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Made Complete in Christ
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Women's Bible Study
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Pwd Freedom
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All too often, great leaders think they're not good enough. But all successful leaders know that the process of leading is never-ending, meaning that there is no "perfect" leadership ideal that you'll be able to reach in the first place!

One of the goals of the John Maxwell Live2Lead event is to inspire and energize through humility, authenticity, and honesty. If you've been feeling like you need a boost of energy, or a push toward the goals that you KNOW you can achieve, Live2Lead is the opportunity to gain that inspiration and gain insight from people who know what it means to put dreams into action.

Speakers: John C. Maxwell, Marcus Buckingham and Ryan Leak

If you're ready to implement a new action plan and lead with a renewed sense of commitment and intention, register to join us for a private replay of the October Live2Lead conference.

Kainos is hosting two replay events of this conference with discussion, one live event at our house in New Hampshire, and another online through Zoom. Cost for either setting is $79 for up to two people.

November 18, 3pm-6pm EST
ONLINE event via Zoom
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December 9, 11am-5pm EST
IN-PERSON event in New Hampshire
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"He who loves his life loses it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it to life eternal. - John 12:25
As I continue this study through John's gospel and arriving at chapter 12 and the end of the Book of Signs, I see John reiterating the themes he has expressed thus far. The Book of Signs brings us to a crisis of decision between slavery and freedom. The festivals, which are themselves reminders and signs of God's work among His people, find their fulfillment in Jesus. Moses, Elijah, Adam, and Abraham find their fulfillment in Jesus. He is the One who made a "booth" of flesh by dwelling among us to invite us out of slavery and into a new covenant. But now the Passover Lamb will be sacrificed. The author of life will Himself submit to the end of the human story like any other man, and in so doing bring life to all.
In John 12:12-19 we see a showdown between the Roman Empire and God's way of humility, peace and shalom. A great crowd that came for the festival heard that Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem. King Herod, paranoid of Jewish uprisings especially during festivals, would have been on high alert and had the temple heavily guarded. While Jesus was riding into Jerusalem from the east, he would certainly have been met by an armored entourage of the Roman Empire from the west. Typically, heralds would precede a king's entrance to the city with pomp and circumstance, but this entourage of a puppet Jewish king installed by the Roman empire is confronted by the King of Peace riding on a donkey. This is a visual of Zech 9:9, a passage about Judah's deliverance. Common people are portrayed as heralds of a new order waving palm branches, shouting "Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!" The quotes are a remez of Psalm 118 which depicts God as deliverer. Palm branches are a part of the Festival of Booths (Lev 23:40-43) which are waved as a reminder that God delivered Israel from Egypt. John records that this event happens close to Passover, itself a reminder of the deliverance from Egypt. John appears to be confusing the festival elements, but he's getting a message across. Jesus is about to do something new, turning slaves into sons and ushering in a new Kingdom.
The book of signs ironically ends with a sign to Jesus. Some Greeks had come to worship at the festival and asked to see Him (Jn 12:20-26). Greeks believing in Yawheh were called God-fearers. They believed in the God of Israel but had not completely converted to Judaism through being circumcised, following Torah, and other elements. It seems cryptic that the mentioning of Greeks was a sign as there were other non-Jews that Jesus encountered throughout His ministry. Why was this different? Why is it a sign that these God-Fearers are curious?
In the Old Testament, Israel was to be a light to the Gentiles (Isaiah 49:6). Israel was to lead by example and walk a life pleasing to God. National Israel failed at this, but Jesus perfectly fulfilled that mission. He was the light of the world while teaching the disciples to be so, and all were drawn to Him by the signs He had been performing that validated His message. The Greeks wanting to "see" Jesus was probably more than just to marvel at Him or receive something. When someone with a desire to follow God comes to see a Rabbi, it is most likely to follow Him and learn. My guess is that they were ready to be His disciples, but it seems that His ministry on earth was only to the lost sheep of Israel (Mt 10:5-6, 15:24). The nations are included in the invitation to the Kingdom, but the discipling of the nations would be done after His resurrection by those he trained: "Go and disciple nations" (Mt 28: 18-20). Seeing the nations desiring to be discipled was the Father's cue that the Rabbi was about to pass on the mission to His disciples.
Jesus, the unique Son of God, was the true Israel, the true Vine, the true Adam as a model for humanity and faith in God. He was the Seed of Abraham who was about to fall and die, and in doing so will produce many more seeds. But it won't be easy.
The purpose of a seed is to produce more seeds. A kernel of wheat trying to preserve itself will not fulfill its purpose in producing fruit. Once that kernel empties itself of self-preservation and lets itself die, it will fulfill its life purpose and produce more seeds in its own image. Rabbi Jesus knew the hour had come to lay down His life and multiply Himself through His disciples. It was time to make the decision between slavery and freedom, between darkness and light, between Empire and God's Shalom. And in making that decision to follow Him, the disciples will be following Him to their own death. Death to self-preservation, death to status and position, and for those disciples, even physical death. They will ultimately lay down their own lives to produce Kingdom fruit just as their Rabbi showed them. The suffering servant of Isaiah 53 will show them how to suffer. Reminiscent of Elijah and Elisha, "If anyone serves Me, he must follow Me; and where I am, there My servant will be also..." (Jn 12:26)
The rulers of that age, the chief priests and Sanhedrin, had themselves become an Egypt enslaving the populace to a system of rules and control. They still appear confused and utterly helpless to stop what God has started. The reader is left with the crisis of decision. Will we follow Jesus at this point into the book of Glory, losing our own lives for a greater purpose? The rulers are about to see Him glorified and lifted up, drawing the nations to Himself. The call of Jesus is to participate in that glory.
By Kevin Messerschmidt
Join me for Immersion on Facebook and Youtube Wednesday November 8 at 1pm and we'll unpack more treasures!


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Steve and Angela Tuers are offering an in-home Keep Your Love On group soon. We'll post details here when they become available. If you are intersted in attending, contact Steve and Angela at atuers@cox.net or call 860-331-9101.

Keep Your Love On reveals the higher, Jesus-focused standard defined by mature love - love that stays "on" no matter what. Danny Silk's practical examples and poignant stories will leave you with the power to draw healthy boundaries, communicate in love, and ultimately protect your connections so you can love against all odds. As a result, your relationships will be radically transformed for eternity. When you learn to keep your love on, you become like Jesus.

Do you have an idea for a book, but don't know where to start? Are there words over you that you will write, but you have never even picked up a pen? God really cares about our stories, and I believe he wants us to write them down. Kim Gifford will once again be offering a six-week workshop starting in January for prompts, activation, community, and encouragement. We will put pen to the page and share our questions and writing while receiving ideas on where to start and how to keep going. Stay tuned for details, and contact Kim at kimbi802@gmail.com or call 802-431-8700 if you are interested in attending.

Kim J. Gifford is a freelance writer and writing teacher and a graduate of the Global School of Supernatural Ministry. She holds a Masters in Creative Writing and Religion and has been teaching writing for over 25 years. Her ministry, 17:20 Ministries (based on John 17:20), focuses on equipping Christians to share their stories in writing.


Kainos Prayer Chain: Steve and Angela Tuers are running our prayer chain. If you have a prayer need and want to place it on the prayer chain, please send an email to KLMprayerchain@gmail.com with the subject line: KAINOS PRAYER CHAIN. Please follow up on your requests with praises or updates so the team knows when it's been fully answered!

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