Kainos is the Greek word for "new". It is used of the new creation (2 Cor 5:17), new covenant (Lk 22:20), fresh wineskins (Matt 9:17) and is at the root of "renewal" (Ro 12:2, Tit 3:5), which is at the root of our philosophy. In the Kingdom of God, all things are made new!

As a ministry, we place a high priority on relationship and Kingdom identity. The heartbeat of Kainos is to network the resources of the body of Christ to equip people into the fullness of their calling in Christ. The backbone of Kainos is a team of people who know their gifts and run with a Kingdom perspective.

Kainos began decades ago as a home group led by Kevin and Natalie Messerschmidt seeking what wasn't being pursued in our church: studying and experiencing the works of the Holy Spirit. Our determination brought us into contact with the power of the gospel in new ways. We studied the Scriptures regarding healing and spiritual gifts, waited on the Lord, and went on field trips to figure out what we were comfortable and uncomfortable with about the "charismatic" side of Christianity. Our pursuit of the Holy Spirit's presence while maintaining a biblical foundation led us to pursue many different teachings, training and schools, and draw from what they had to offer while trimming off what we saw as excess. Along the way we met others with the same need, and we started an open group to listen to teachings and practice the ministry gifts in a safe setting. People were healed, prophetic encouragement went forth, and lives were changed by God's presence. 

In 2009 we created a name for the ministry, and launched the first Fearless Bride women's retreat. In 2010 we joined the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening to connect with resources and leadership with similar DNA. In 2012, Kevin and Natalie were licensed through Global Awakening. Around that time God gave us the vision to encourage, equip, and expand the influence of the saints on a larger scale, noting the need in our region to fill in what we felt the churches in our area still do not offer. Kainos was formalized as an LLC for the purpose of financial and legal accountability and to acquire an office to counsel and train others. In 2012 we moved into our first building, and six months later moved into a facility in East Hampton, CT. In 2015, Kevin and Natalie were ordained as pastors through Global Awakening. In 2016 we were established as a 501c3 nonprofit under the umbrella of Global Awakening. Recently we've moved to New Hampshire, closing our East Hampton building but continuing to work with leaders virtually and in person where possible, and have built an international presence!

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